Issue 20 and Volume 22.

NASHUA WATER WORKS THF Pennichuck Water Company, which owns the water plant of Nashua, N. H., is certainly one of the most progressive corporations controling water works in New England. Its system has been so improved from time to time to keep pace with the demands of the place, that the people of the city have always been well supplied with good potable water. Notwithstanding this fact.thecompany recently decided to make considerable improvements, which will go still farther towards increasing the value of the works and affording better protection for its numerous water takers. At the annual meeting of the stockholders held last month, it was agreed to pay for these improvements, by an increase of its capital stock from (600,000 to (700,000. At that meeting the following officers were elected: Directors, William D. Cadwell, Daniel W. Lakeman, John F. Stark, George F. Andrews, George It. French; treasurer, Harry M.…

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