Issue 21 and Volume 22.

SELECT THE BEST. “We are in the business to make money. Advertising conscientiously and scientifically placed does, and will pay as well as any investment.” R. M. Searle, at the annual meeting of the Gas Light Association, October, 1897. This is a terse and convincing statement. The paper that reaches a certain community and is recognized as the best medium catering for that community ought to be patronized by the manufacturer, on the ground that it is the most direct method of appealing to those who are likely now, or in the future, to use his g;ods. What more effective or legitimate means can he select for this special purpose ? Circulars are good when called for. They may be sent out to-day, when there is no demand for the goods they advertise,with the result that they are cast aside and forgotten. It is not so with the newspaper. It…

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