Issue 21 and Volume 22.

WELLS News comes from Sidney, New South Wales, that irrigation of means of artesian wells in the arid Bourke district has been officially pronounced a great success, and has given an immense stimulus to agriculture. Aparently 62,000 square miles of the interior of New South Wales will thus be opened to agriculture. At Marion, Mass., where the question of water supply is exciting much interest, private artesian wells are being driven —especially by H. C. Ilopkins, of Rhode Island. He has just finished one on Cottage street, and is engaged on another at upper Marion village. The latter is being driven through sixteen feet of solid rock. At South Mountain, Pa., the air compressor is reported to be pumping at the rate of 350.000 gallons per day from the four wells now sunk, including the alleged eight-inch and socalled 200-foot hole, at a daily cost of $8.60, or a little…

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