Issue 21 and Volume 22.

FIRE ALARM TELEGRAPHY. Mr. Joseph W. Stover, president of the Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company, of New York, recently delivered a lecture at Columbus,Ohio,on the subject of “Telegraphic systems for the facilitation of fire and police service.” Much of the information it contained has already appeared from time to time in the pages of FIRE AND WATER; but at Columbus, Mr. Stover, who is essentially an up-to-date and progressive man, gave some additional facts founded on more modern experience. Coming from such a source and an authority so unimpeachable as Mr. Stover, his words carry more weight than those of an ordinary speaker. Mr. Stover pointed out that there are now nearly 800 places in the United States equipped with fire alarm telegraph service; and so wonderful has been the advancement in the system from its early beginnings at Boston in 1866 that to-day a fire alarm system, as found…

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