Issue 21 and Volume 22.

FIRE NEWS The Inter-State firemen’s carnival at Trenton, N. J., originated by Mayor Sickel, and greatly aided by the Exempt Firemen’s Association took place on Wednesday, November 10, The city was beautifully decorated, and the parade was a most signal success. There were eighteen bands,with 1,700 men in line, besides their apparatus. The Exempts,with the old Union engine,mustered over 100 men. The visiting companies from adjacent cities alone contributed 1,450 firemen. The prize for the finest equipped company was won by the Media, Pa , com pany; for the finest apparatus, by the Hope hose company, of Burlington, N. J.l and that for the company coming the longest distance, by the James Graham Look and ladder company, of West Haven. Conn. By way of adding a touch of realism to the finish of the day’s proceedings, a fire broke out in the city, of which the local paid fire department…

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