Issue 21 and Volume 22.

GREATER NEW YORK FIRE GOSSIP. IT looks as if the underwriters think they own NewYork and have the right to run the city. Once more they have raised the cry of the insufficiency of water in case of a big fire, and once more they are apparently desirous to put themselves on record as being opposed to the use of salt water for the extinguishment of fires, lest haply it should prove injurious to whatever dry goods the stream happens to fall upon—as if ordinary water would not hurt them just as much. The beauty of it all is that this would-be dictating party does its dictating not through any New York organ but in the columns of one that hails from Boston, Fortunately, however, no one in this city cares much about what the insurance journal aforesaid says.—President Sheffield, Chief Bonner, and Engineer Crowell have returned from Boston, where…

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