Issue 21 and Volume 22.

THE DIFFICULTY AT JERSEY CITY. Mayor Moos has just vetoed the plans for Jersey City’s new water supply, filing his objections with the street and water board. He says that of the three plans proposed,marked’’A,” “B,” and “C,” only the first is available. That plan provides for a daily supply of 50,000,000 gallons, maximum; but the specifications are faulty. The contractor is only to build a plant for 35,000,000 gallons at the outset, but may be required to increase the capacity to 70,000,000 gallons when the city calls for it. The mayor objects to this because the city may find it desirable to purchase the plant, and. under the terms, might be required to purchase before the second instalment of the plant is built. Another objection is that under all the plans the city must give notice of its intention to purchase within a year from the signing of the…

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