Issue 21 and Volume 22.

FIRE AND WATER PHILADELPHIA has just had paid to the treasurer of the Firemen’s Pension fund the sum of $21,839.95, which represents that city’s share of an appropriation made by the State of Pennsylvania to cities and boroughs in support of such pension fund. It was hard work in the beginning to secure the setting aside of the money for such an appropriaton, and success was attained only after two bills to that effect had failed to pass the legislature. The third, which did pass, provided for an appropriation to the cities and boroughs of the State, and Philadelphia’s share was sent there last March; but the comptroler held it until a Supreme court decision in a Police Pension Fund case removed his doubts as to the authority to make such payments—and thus the check was not given to the treasurer of the fund until the other day. Hereafter the…

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