Issue 21 and Volume 22.

WATER SUPPLY OF NORFOLK, VA. The twenty-third annual report of the water commissioners of Norfolk, Va., gives the total receipts, including a balance of $17,100.73 carried over from last year,as $125,770.92,of which $94,448.69 was from water rents; $647, from meters; and $10,853.16 from city collectors for water tax from 1889-96 inclusive. The expenditures were $103,855.59,including operating expenses of all sorts and interest on five per cent, and eight per cent bonds, $952.50—the balance on hand being $21,915.33. The additions and extensions to the f lant included an artesian well—depth at date of report 1,539 feet, with only salty water flowed; 9.965 feet of main, of which the Park Piace Company, bought and .’aid 4,800 feet in Park Piace, a new suburb of Norfolk,under the direction and supervision of Superintendent Riddle,but at no expense to the city’s water department. The total number of taps in the city is 6,663 • The…

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