Water Works Companies In The Right.

Issue 21 and Volume 22.

Water Works Companies In The Right. Decisions in the Danville and Hackensack Cases. IN the case of the city of Danville vs. the Danville Water Company, the Supreme court of the State of Illinois has rendered a decision which is not only sweeping in its scope, but also seems to settle the local controversy in favor of the Freeport Water Company vs. the city of Freeport in the same State. From the text of the decision it appears that in November, 1882, the city council of Danville passed an ordinance granting the Danville Water Company the right to construct and maintain a system of water works for thirty years. The city was to rent too fire hydrants during that term the rate of $75 a year, paid quarterly. It was further provided that the city should pay $62.50 a year each forthe next forty hydrants; and for all in excess…

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