Issue 23 and Volume 22.

THE FIRE SERVICE OF LONDON. ONE by no means well known cause of the deficiency in the fire service of London is to be found in the fact that the insurance companies of the city are annually taxed at the rate of $175 for every $5000,000 insured. This, arrangement, which forms one of the chief sources of the support of the Metropolitan fire brigade, came into force after the great Tooley street fire in 1861,at which Capt. Braid wood,superintendent of the city fire brigade was killed. At that time all the fire appliances belonged (chiefly, at least,) to those insurance companies in very much the same manner as these companies own the salvage corps in New York and elsewhere. Since that fire every request which has been made for an increased expenditure for the fire brigade has been met by the municipal authorities with the demand that the insurance companies…

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