Issue 23 and Volume 22.

WATER WORKS OF WARREN, ME. Warren, Me., is to be supplied with water for fire, domestic, and other purposes. A charter looking towards this end was granted K. F. Wight, of that place, by the last State legislature. The water supply will be derived from a pasture on a high hill opposite Mr. Wight’s residence, where are several springs flowing an abundant supply of water of very fine quality. The daily flow by pump measurement is 186,000 gallons, which can be increased, if necessary. The reservoir, on which work has been begun, has an elevation sufficient to give a fall of 186 feet, and with a pressureol ninety-six pounds to the square inch through an eight-inch pipe. It will have granite pointed walls; will be fifteen feet deep; will hold 2 000,000 gallons of water, and will be supplied by the spring.An artesian well will be sunk,to be used in…

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