Issue 23 and Volume 22.

GREATER NEW YORK FIRE GOSSIP. It is, of course, too early to say anything definitely as to the future fire commissioner of the consolidated city who shall unite in his own person the duties at present performed by the three-headed commission made up to-day of President Sheffield, Gen. La Grange, and Thomas Sturgis. Everything, however, points to the selection of former Fire Commissioner John J. Scanned, who was appointed a fire commissioner in the beginning of 1893 in the room of Commissioner H. D. Purroy, who had resigned his position on the board. Mr. Scanned, who was then fifty y ars of age and had never held any municipal office up to that time has always taken a lively interest in fire matters and is well versed in everything pertaining to fire protection and fire extinguishment. The name of Mr. Thomas Crimmins has also been mentioned; it is more than…

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