Issue 26 and Volume 22.

WELLS A strong vein of water has been struck at Horton, Kas., for the supply of the Rock Island shops. A thirty-foot well is being sunk, aud the water comes in so fast that two or three steam pumps are kept constantly at work so as to allow the workmen to stay in the well. Another small hole was sunk near the water in it stays within a few feet of the surface. At Yonkers, N. Y., the new artesian wells for St. Joseph’s seminary afford a supply sufficient for the needs of that institution. At Ogunquit, Me., the Ogunquit Water Company has sunk several wells on lately purenased land and will soon move the pumping station alongside of them. One report states mat the wells at Tottenville (S.I.), N. Y., are flowing abundantly, and it is proposed to put down teninch pipes, which will give a capacity of 2oo…

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