Issue 26 and Volume 22.

THE EASTMAN NOZZLE. At the recent test-trial of the second self-propelling steam fire engine just purchased for the Boston fire department, a “Deluge” set fitted with the Eastman new nozzle was used—a system which has been adopted during the past year in each fire company in that city. The test brought prominently to the front the advantages of the system not only in the size of the streams, but also in the perfect self-balancing of the nozzle at any angle without being touched, and the possibilities of the direction of the stream being changed at any moment with one finger by even a child, with the propeller running at its highest capacity. The work done by it at the recent Boston test was peculiarly noticeable,the water being sent up to 180 feet first, through 200 feet of three-inch hose, then through two lines of the same length and size coupled…

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