Issue 26 and Volume 22.

DESTRUCTIVE FIRES AT GRAND FORKS. Grand Forks, N. Dak., was last week visited with two very destructive fires, in one of which two lives were lost. The first, which took place at 4 o’clock a. m., on December 17, caused nearly $1,000,000 damage, with an insurance of only $150,000. It broke out in the wholesale grocery store of Nash Bros., spreading very quickly to the Hotel Dacotah, where nearly 1,000 guests were asleep, the hour being 4.30 a. m. Some of the people in the hotel got out by the fire escape—a ladder, one foot wide, running from the sixth floor to the first. The firemen under Chief Munsey, assisted by outsiders rescued hundreds. many of whom had literally to be pulled out of bed. Two, a man and wife, perished. The fire raged for four hours and destroyed or seriously damaged the buildings for blocks on each side of…

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