Issue 26 and Volume 22.

WATER SUPPLY OF BOSTON. BOSTON, MASS., reports that the daily consumption of water has increased far more than was warranted by the increase in population ; but by the adoption of the Deacon meter system it has been shown that a lack of proper care and inspection of household fixtures is responsible to a great extent for this increase, which can easily be lessened, if the work of the waste inspection is properly done. That this should be the case is imperative, since, if the rainfall of the coming year should be less than normal, there is great danger of exhausting the water supply. To guard against thi* the storage capacity of Whitehall pond h s been increased by four hundred million gallons, while the Metropolitan water water board has arranged to store fifteen hundred million gallons in the partially constructed btsin No. 5. Hy means of the reestablished Deacon…

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