Issue 2 and Volume 23.

NEW YORK FIRE GOSSIP. Fire Commissioner Scanned is at work and evidently does not intend to allow his office to sink down into a mere sinecure nor to allow of any dictation from outsiders or subordinates, nor to permit the continuance of offices for which he thinks there is no need, or of officers -who possibly seem to “lag superfluous” after many years of service. In a shake-up which took place at the end of the old year, two old messengers at headquarters who had been remanded to fire duty were called back by Commissioner Scanned and reinstated in their former positions. Hut he has abolished the offices of superintendent and drputy superintendent of stables, for which he sees no necessity.removing therefrom Supt. Myers and Edward R. Teller. Mr. Scannel also removed from office Colonel Carl Jussen, who for thirtv years had been the secretary of the fire board, and…

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