Issue 2 and Volume 23.

THE PASSING OF THE FIRE COMMISSIONERS WITH the passing of the old year there also passed away the old board of fire commissioners of the old city of New York. Possiably, on the principle of saying nothing but good of the dead, we might be silent about the late commissieners. But there is a time to speak and a time to keep silence. While they were in office, we did not hesitate to criticize their acts in no measured terms—though, in order not to lower them in the eyes of theirsubordinates or to lessen their influence with the uniformed force, we often kept silence when they failed to see the necessity of adopting up-to-date methods in the administration of their department. We hoped that thereby they might go back upon their own folly, and by undoing some of their foolish deeds show the world that they had pluck enough to…

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