Issue 2 and Volume 23.

MISCELLANEOUS. Henry R. Worthington are contemplating enlargements of their present storage capacity for castings for their standard sizes of pumps. They now carry in storage from two to three months’ supply of all standard castings of six-inch stroke pumps and smaller sizes. It is now proposed to extend this system to standard pumps of much larger sizes. Henry R. Worthington, finding their present enormous output of steam pumps inadequate to meet properly the requirements of their trade, are also making enlargements which will enable them to increase their output over thirty per cent., especially in pumps of ten-inch stroke. A thirty-six main leading from the Ridgewood pumping station to the reservoir, in Brooklyn, burst a day or two ago, causing some damage through the escaping water and relieving instantly the pressure from the new twenty million triple expansion Worthington pumping engine. The effect of this, which in the case of…

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