Issue 2 and Volume 23.

WATER SYSTEM OF CINCINNATI. WILLIS P. THARP, C. E., superintendent and engineer of the water works of Cincinnati. Ohio, has published the fifty-seventh annual report of the water department of that city. In it he calls the attention of the department to the necessity of providing an additional pumping capacity of from 18,000.000 to 20,000,000 gallons per day, with the necessary boiler power to operate the same. The water consumption of the city is increasing yearly and must be provided for. The total miles of pipe laid in the city from 1S76 to 1897 was 246.701; abandoned. 41.206—actual pipe laid, 204.205 miles, area (square inches) thirty-five-inch effluent pipe from Eden reservoir,962.115 (area square inches) thirty-six-inch effluent pipe from same, 1,017.878—total area (square inches), 1.979.993; number of water department connections 1876 1897, 21,995; total connections (square inches) 19.662.204; total area of fire plug and cistern connections during same period, 21.205.800; total…

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