Issue 3 and Volume 23.

FIRE AND WATER COWPER sings of John Gilpin’s wife that “Though she was on pleasure bent, she had a frugal mind.” In like manner the heads of the National Fire Brigades’ Union in England are akin to Mrs. Gilpin in their “frugality of mind.” They are bent on encouraging firemen to deeds of heroism and ready to reward them with medals for bravery—but the recipients have to pay for these medals out of their own pockets ! More than that: The union charges each man so decorated $1.20 fora medal which costs the sellers only one-half that amount. And yet Britons get mad when they are reminded that Napoleon called England “a nation of shopkeepers !” HIEF J. E. MAGUIRE, of Savannah, Ga., has been reelected as head of the fire department for the next two years. Meanwhile the city council has cut down the appropriation of $5,000, whereby the…

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