Issue 4 and Volume 23.

WATER SUPPLY OF READING, PA. From the thirty-second annual report of the water system of Reading, Pa., it is gathered that the total receipts from all sources with the balance at the beginning of the year, were $137 690.86 and the expenditures, $128,483.98—leaving a balance of $9,306.88. The net water debt at the close of the fiscal year was $494,730. The net cost of the water works system from the date of purchase in 1869 to April 5, 1897 has been $1,684,601.77, of which was expended last year in permanent improvements and extensions, $59,496.44 net. The cost of the distribution system was increased $19,592.71,including the cost of new meters and the completion of the Venturi meter system. There were laid during the year 8,677 feet of new mains; thirteen additional hydrants were set; and gates were placed on all hydrant connections put in during the year. The Venturi meters are…

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