Issue 4 and Volume 23.

CAMBRIDGE WATER WORKS. A few weeks ago there appeared in these columns a lengthy account (illustrated) of the completion of the Stony brook water system at Cambridge, Mass.—the work including the completion of the Stony Brook reservoir in Waltham and Weston and its union with Fresh pond on November 5, 1897. The thirty-third annual report of the water board of that city for the fiscal year ending November 30, 1897, has just been issued, from which it is learned that the cost of the works to date was $5,285,926.11. The bond account stands as follows: Bonds issueJ, $4,875,000; bonds paid, $1,913,400; leaving unpaid water bonds. $2,961,600, less the value of the sinking fund, $464 138.28. The net debt is. therefore, $2,497,461.72. Tnrough the completion of the great works already described, Cambridge has now in its possession the following valuable properties: Crmbridge reservoir, Highland street—acreage area, two and one-eighth, storage capacity,…

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