Issue 4 and Volume 23.

FIRE DEPARTMENT OF SAN FRANCISCO. CHIEF D. T. SULLIVAN of the fire department of San Francisco, Cal., reports that from June 30, 1896 to July 31, 1897, there were 957 alarms of fire, of which 607 were received from street and automatic boxes and 350 verbally or by telephone—an increase of eighty-eight box alatms and fifty-nine silent alarms over those of 1895-96. Of these alarms 581 were first alarms, eighteen second alarms and six third alarms. The total losses amounted to $854,632.23; insurance paid, $663,990.05. ‘Three new engine houses were built during the year and on April 15, 1897, engine company No. 34 was organized and placed in service at 1119 Ellis street, while chemical engine company No. 2 was dLbanded. The equipment of the department is as follows: Steam fire engines, forty-four; hook and ladder trucks,ten; chemical engines,nine; water tower, 1; monitor batteries, two; hose wagons, thirtyeight; hose carriage,…

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