Issue 4 and Volume 23.

SEWERAGE Deputy Commissioner T. J. Byrne, of the borough of The Bronx, has appointed Stephen A. Nugent inspector of sewers for that borough. Mr. Nugent held the same position under Commissioner Haffen in the department of street improvements for the Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth wards last year. The new East branch sewer at Newark, N. J, was damaged by the heavy rain of the 14th instant. The sewer is of brick and is egg shape. It varies in size, but in the main is about four by five feet. From near Hamburg place to the intercepting sewer into which it empties the sewer is complete. There is about 150 feet at Hamburg place to be finished; also a section 300 or 400 feet long at the upper end. Nashua, N.H., will build trunk sewers in Crown Hill, Lake street, and the harbor districts. An issue of $3 500 000 iu bonds…

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