Issue 4 and Volume 23.

THE AUXILIARY PIPE SYSTEM. ON January I there appeared in FIRE AND WATER Chief Bonner’s report of the results of his inspection of the auxiliary pipe line system of fire protection in use at Buffalo, N. Y., Detroit, Mich., Cleveland, Ohio, and Milwaukee, Wis., and ready laid for use in Boston. The report of Mr Foster Crowell, the engineer who accompanied Chief Bonner, has since been sent us. In it is found in substance the following information supplementing that given by Chief Bonner: Fire pipe lines were first introduced in Cleveland in 1888; in that year an ordinary six-inch cast iron pipe was laid from the river bank to the top of the adjoining bluff, a distance of seven or eight hundred feet only, and without any idea of extending the system. But its advantages became so marked that in 1891 extensions were begun and have continued until at the…

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