Issue 5 and Volume 23.

A BILL TO BE WATCHED. Secretary Hills, of the International Association of Fire Engineers, has sent the following letter to the members of the association with respect to a bill now pending: IMPORTANT. WYOMING, OHIO, Jan., 1898, Dear Chief: A bill has been introduced in the United Stales Senate to prohibit collection of State licenses from fire insurance companies doing business in the several States. Should this bill become a law every firemen’s relief association in the country would be seriously affected tnereby, and it would possibly compel them to abandon their good work. It becomes the duty of every chief in our organization to communicate at once with their respective Senators and Congressmen at Washington and urge them to do their utmost to defeat this bill. Hoping y »u will act promptly, I remain Fraternally yours, HENRY A. HILLS, Secretary.

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