Issue 5 and Volume 23.

JUBILEE OF A FIRE. It is not often that a fire (outside of that which rages in the bowels of a volcano) lasts for fifty years. Such a fire, however, has burned fer half a century in a Scottish coal mine situated between the railway stations of Daily and Kilkerranon the line between Ayr and Girwan. Fifty years ago, this mine, which produced a hard and dirty coal, caught fire from the engine down in the workings, and within ten minutes had made such headway that the flames were roaring up the shaft and rising fifty feet in the air. It was impossible to extinguish the blaze by ordinary means, and an engineer was, therefore, sent for from London, who made boringsfrom the surface, and pumped in a chemical fire-extinguishing compound. 1’he scheme, however, was a failure, and it was found that the flames were extending; for the trap-dyke, which…

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