Issue 5 and Volume 23.

FIRE SERVICE IN NORWAY. Captain R. W. Henderson, an Englishman and a practical fireman,in a recent tour through Norway gives some interesting information as to fire service in that country,one peculiarity of which is scattered villages of frame houses situated in most inaccessible places and approached by roids (of which there are very few) which chiefly pass over high mountains. The few large towns in the country are located in valleys between high mountains. In the village the houses being frame and there being no fire brigades—which are looked upon as useless, owing to the conformation of the groundburn down in a very short time and, if insured by the government, are at once rebuilt by the government without any money being paid to the sufferer. In the towns, as a rule, there are fire brigades. The supply of water from the mountain lakes is infinite,as is also the pressure.…

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