Issue 6 and Volume 23.

HOW TO STOP LEAK IN RESERVOIR. A correspondent writes to FIRE AND WATER for information as to how a leak in a reservoir may be remedied. He says: “I have built a reservoir 70×90 feet by six feet deep; the walls and bottom are laid with three courses of bricks in Portland cement, mixed two of cement to one and one-half of sand. All joints were slushed up solid; the inside coated about oneinch thick with Portland cement mixed in the same proportions. The reservoir leaks at the rate of 3.500 gallons an hour. As some of your subscribers may have had an experience in this line, perhaps, they will fun ish some information as to how such a leak could be stopped.” Dr. Charles Ponce DeLeon Smith, of Rahway, N. J, who asserts that a course of bathing in Lawrence brook (on the banks of which he had a…

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