Issue 6 and Volume 23.

A COLLAPSED ASSEMBLY HALL. On January 3, during a political meeting the assembly hall in the city hall, London, Ont., suddenly collapsed, causing the death of twenty-three persons, and more or less serious injury to upwards of seventy more. The accident was due to the failure of a beam. The area of broken floor was twentytwo feet by twenty-eight, and equaled 616 square feet. The supporting beam was twelve inches by fourteen inches, and was made up of four pieces three inches by twelve inches, spiked together by ordinary cut nails. The depth was fourteen inches; the width, twelve inches, incased with one-inch sheeting. The beam had no support in the centre; it rested on brick wails at each end. and had a bearing of twelve inches at each end. The clear span was twenty-one feet, one and onefifth of an inch. The estimated number of people on the floor…

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