Issue 6 and Volume 23.

CURBSTONE CRITICS. The curbstone critic is not confined to the United States, if we are to believe a writer in an English newspaper, who in a letter to the editor thus describes that species of fiend as he appeared at a recent fire in a dry goods store in a small town: The scene for some time after the brigade arrived would have been laughable, were it not for the tremendous issues at stake. Here was the surveyor explaining the best course,then one of the firm was of the opinion that the brigade might be directing their energies in a different fashion, our worthy North street councillor did not seem Dackward in giving advice on the burning question, a blacksmith, favoted with formidable-looking frame, wasn’t slow to express his opinion on the pros and cons of the matter, whilst,added to all this, the water supply was cut off. It made…

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