Issue 8 and Volume 23.

A TUNNEL ON FIRE. Once more the tunnel of the Santa Fe Pacific Company at Fairview, Ariz., is on fire and may have to be abandoned. The fire is the result of spontaneous combustion, as the tunnel is only the flue of an immense lime kiln-the mountain itself is burning. Its geological formation is chiefly limestone of a high degree of purity; but there are also strata of lava and volcanic ashes succeeding each other. The present fire, together with the natural moisture of the soil, and the water which have been used to extinguish the former fires, have resulted in starting the lime in the mountain to “slacking.” The casing of the tunnel had been put in place in an air-tight ship, which serves to confine the gases from the “ slacking ” lime. Finally, however, they broke out and, flaming up, set fire to the cising again. The…

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