Issue 10 and Volume 23.

IMPROVE NEW YORK HARBOR. As compared with the importance of its commerce, New York harbor has been strangely neglected by Congress, not only in later years, but during the entire century of the nation’s life. Out of every one hundred cents expended for harbor improvements, taking the country through for the past one hundred years, only one cent has been expended on New York harbor. On the other hand, out of every one hundred cents collected in import duties sixty-seven have been taken at New York. Mr. John W. Ambrose.has written and published a pamphlet on this subject which deserves careful study. It shows clearly the injustice of congressional action in granting inconsequential harbors large appropriations,while New York’s share has been very small in proportion to its importance. Very exhaustively has Mr. Ambrose treated the subject, showing in detail the ap propriations granted for the improvement of all other harbors…

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