Issue 10 and Volume 23.

FIRE BRIGADES IN EUROPE. LETTER III. LIVERPOOL, February 22, 1893. BIRMINGHAM, Manchester, and Liverpool have good fire brigades and are all large cities. I was much impressed with the aspect of the Liverpool brigade and regard it worthy of special mention. There are in Liverpool one central station, three other stations, with horse apparatus, and thirty-two small sub-stations, with hand apparatus. Here may be seen one of the largest, if not the largest fire engine in the world, built by Merriweather, of London, and throwing 1,800 gallons of water per minute, using a teninch suction hose. One other large engine is at the central station, and is capable of throwing 5,400 gallons per minute. The entire apparatus supply consists of tight steamers, two manuals, two chemical engines, ten hose carriages and tenders, seventeen hand hose reels, nine two wheel fire escapes and hose reels combined, eight large telescopic fire escape…

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