Issue 10 and Volume 23.

WATER SYSTEM OF STEUBENVILLE STEUBENVILLE, Ohio, boasts a new up-to-date water works system, one of the finest, if not the finest on the Ohio river. Since it was built fever cases have become so rare as to warrant the citizens in claiming that the disease is unknown within the limits of the city. They stand out in vivid contrast to the first local water works system dating back as far as 1810. It was started by a company—the Steubenville Water Company, formed under an act of the legislature on January 10, and was intended to supersede the ordinary wells and springs which at that time formed the source of supply. This company first laid a line of wooden pipes between Market and Washington streets, which was added to by another from what is now known as Spcncet’s tanyard. The streets principally served were Fourth and Market streets, where the remains…

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