Issue 11 and Volume 23.

DESTRUCTION OF AN ENGLISH “ FIREPROOF ” MILL. The new Hall Spinning Company’s factory at Burnley, Eng., was supposed to be fireproof. It was built entirely of iron, brick,and cement—the only timber used being the boards for the flooring and the window frames. The factory was five stories high. 210 feet long by 120 feet wide, divided into bays of about ten feet, six inches by heavy cast iron girders of the section known as ” Hodgkinson’s,” which spanned the whole width of the mill in practically one continuous girder, formed by bolting together twenty-foot lengths, the ends of which were made to grip round the necks of five columns, which formed the immediate supports for the girder. The extreme ends of this long, spanning girder rested upon, and were built into, the walls. T he bays themselves consisted of wrought iron joists of the ordinary II section, placed at…

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