Issue 11 and Volume 23.

BOSTON’S FIRE DEPARTMENT. In a lecture recently delivered at Charlestown by District Chief Grady, the fitting successor of the late District Chief Egan, under the above caption, the evolution of the present very complete department of Boston was lucidly and interestingly shown. He gave a very graphic sketch of the risks to which a firemen is exposed, and showed in what many of them consisted. It is not (he said) the fire that makes the biggest show that is the hardest to fight. The fire that goes roaring through the roof of a building, lighting up the city for miles round, is sometimes much more easily subdued than the dull, smoky cellar fire that forces men to face the severest kind of punishment, the effects of which are felt for weeks afterwards. Next to a dangerous cellar fire nothing is more dreaded by the men than what is known in…

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