Issue 11 and Volume 23.

NEW YORK FIRE GOSSIP. Fire Commissioner Scannell has pretty well finished his clean sweep. Supt. Smith’s office has been abolished and the bureau placed directly under Chief Bonner, where it rightly belongs. The change was not looked for by the department in general; but its fittingness is recognized by all. Chief Bonner will, of course,have detailed to him some experienced man to supervise the fire alarm telegraph in the boroughs of Manhattan and The Bronx. Supt. Smith had been in the telegraph department twenty years; his career beginning as an operator. His recent experiences are the theme of an article to be found elsewhere in this issue. The bureau was the headquarters of the largest telegraph fire alarm system anywhere,and its being brought under the immediate direction of the fire commissioner and Chief Bonner cannot but be of benefit to the whole department. At present Chief Operator George F. Farrell…

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