Issue 11 and Volume 23.

WATER SYSTEM OF STEUBENVILLE. [Concluded.) A TUNNEL 180 feet long by eight feet wide connects the dry well inside the pumping station at Alikanna with a wet well on the river’s edge In this dry well are the two compound pumping engines already referred to—the LaidlawDunn-Gordon. of 1,000,000-g&llon capacity,and the Worthington condensing, of 4,000,000-gallon capacity— illustrated herewith. The high pressure reservoir—part of the new water works system—has been built at the western terminus of Franklin avenue on one of the different hills above the city, and is distant about 4,800 feet from the pumping station, at a height of 330 feet perpendicular height above its floor. Its lining is tile and concrete ; its capacity is about 5,600,000 gallons. It is connected by a pipe line with the low pressure reservoirs on a hill about two miles away. The total storage capacity of both old and new reservoirs is over…

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