Issue 12 and Volume 23.

WATER BILLS FOR NEW YORK STATE. Seven water and power bills have been introduced into the legislature of this State as follows: Senator Munziger—To incorporate the New York and Electric Power Company, for the storage, transmission, distribution, sale, and use of water for the generation of hydraulic power and other forms of force, especially for manufacturies. mining or agricultural, and for the transmission, supply, distribution and sale of such power to the the civil divisions of the State and the inhabitants thereof, and for manufacturing, navigating, and other purposes. The bill also gives the company the right to acquire water privileges in any part of the State free of charge, as well as the very remarkable power to invade the streets of any city,regardless of the authorities, and to construct ”pipelines, pole lines, conduits, subways, shafting or cables for water, chemical accumulators, compressed air, electricity or other transmitting force.” If…

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