Issue 12 and Volume 23.

COFFIN COMPRESSION HYDRANT. The Coffin Compression hydrant is made in two sections, bottom and top, held together by four iron rods, one end of which fits in a tee-shaped socket in the bottom; the other end extending through a flange on the top at a level with the surface of the ground. The joint between these two sections is made with a thick rubber gasket, as illustrated. A cap on the top of the hydrant covers the stuffing-box and gland, and is secured to the top by two bronze bolts. The collar of the operating nut is entirely huased by bronze, which insures easy motion and prevents corrosion or sticking. A small opening in the top of the nut furnishes facilities for oiling both nut and screw—this opening being closed by a five-sided oil plug. One of the important features of thi« hydrant is that of the relief valve, which…

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