Issue 12 and Volume 23.

DISASTROUS FIRE IN CHICAGO. A sad loss of life conservatively placed at fifteen, took place during a fire at Wabash avenue and Adams street in a sevenstory “mill construction” building of iron and plate glass, eighty feet front by 159 deep, occupied by a number of business firms. An explosion of chemicals in a photographer’s room blew out the whole front. It was followed in rapid succession by several others, and the entire building was quickly a mass of flames. The people penned up in it began to jump from the windows, and four of these were at once killed. Others,many girl employes,escaped down the elevators,a Miss Kate Carney, a forewoman of the National Music Company,being particularly plucky in stopping the panic and getting the girls on the elevators. She was herself left behind.and perish in the flames. The blaze started in a loft filled with bolts of paper hangings…

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