Issue 15 and Volume 23.

CORRESPONDENCE. “VOLUNTEER” AND “PART PAID.” To the EDITOR : It is full time that the word “volunteer” should be dissociated from a large number of the fire departments in this country and “ part paid” substituted for it. Much confusion would thereby be avoided and the part paid men would thereby be relieved from the sweeping condemnations under which they have often been included—especially recently, when, in a paper read last year before a firemen’s convention the whole volunteer system was virtually condemned root and branch. It is to be presumed that the writer did not refer to the part paid men (who from the mere fact of their being paid, if only for their services at fires, are certainly not volunteers), but to those who simply serve without pay. sometimes from real love of the work, sometimes from a lower motive. It is those influenced by that lower motive…

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