Issue 15 and Volume 23.

CHICAGO AND ITS NEW BUILDING LAWS. As has already been announced in these columns, the city councilof Chicago, Ill,. has remodeled its building laws—on the whole, very much for the better. The new ordinance, after reducing the height of buildings from a possible present height of 155 feet to an allowable future height of 130 only, gives the commissioner of buildings power to condemn such as he shall deem unsafe, and to order either their removal or such alterations as shall strengthen them and reader them safe. If his verdict is disputed, disinterested experts shall be called in to arbitrate the dispute. The allowance for wind pressure in buildings whose height shall be more than one and one-half times their least horizontal dimensions, shall not be less than thirty pounds for each square foot of exposed surface. The requirements for the foundation of new buildings and sustaining walls are severe…

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