Issue 15 and Volume 23.

NEW YORK FIRE GOSSIP. Battalion Chief William J.Cook made a plucky rescue of a seven-year-old boy doing a fire in the basement at 198 Stanton street. The parents of the child had run into the street forgetting the child in their panic, and the tenants of the house had followed their example. The fire had gained great headway and the room in the basement was ablaze. Upon learning that the boy had been left behind, Chief Cook ran through the flames, groped about in the burning room, found the little one in his cradle unconscious from the smoke, and carried him out into the open air, where he quickly revived. This gallant rescue was loudly cheered by the crowd.—Fire Commissicner Scannel has appointed Andrew Goban, formerly a foreman in the dock department of this city, temporary assistant fire marshal of the borough of Manhattan at a salary of $1,500 a…

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