Issue 15 and Volume 23.

MISCELLANEOUS Col Polglaize, of the Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing Company, of Chicago. Ill., has sold to the city of Mayfield, Ky., a combination chemical engine and hose and hose wagon. Among other orders recently filled by the Cornelius Callahan Company, of Boston are the following for fire hose in the towns named: Milton. Milford and Stoneham. The Boston Belting Company.of 256 260 Devonshire street is now supplying “Excelsior” gasket tubing, made from the same compound as the Phoenix red packing. Its principal recommendations are that it is not quickly affected by great heat; if properly applied.it will not blow out under the highest pressure; it makes a perfectly tight joint, no matter how rough or uneven the surfaces; it retains its elasticity for a long time, thus enabling the same gasket tubing to be used repeatedly tvhere joints must be frequently broken. All waste is avoided by the use of this…

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