Issue 15 and Volume 23.

BATTLE CREEK, MICH., WATER WORKS. The water works of Battle Creek, Mich., were built by the city in 1887 at a cost of $240,000—total cost of construction to December 31, 1897, $225,114.62. The source of supply is Goguac lake—area 360 acres; watershed, one and one-half square miles; maximum depth, eighty feet. The lake can be fed from Minges brook—drainage area, fourteen square miles. There are two Blake compound, duplex condensing steam pumps—each 2,000,000-gallon daily capacity; pressure, from sixty-five to eighty-five pounds; average lift of pumps about 104 feet. Pumping to standpipe, seventy-five by eighteen feet—capacity, 143.000 gallons—top, 300 feet above business part of the city. There are 165,596 feet of main (31.4 miles); four-inch to sixteen-inch,253 street valves;312 public hydrants, 1,347 meters and registers in use—forty-five percent, of water and seventy er cent, of taps metered, pumpage. 219 000,000 gallons—daily average,600 000 gllons;water used per dsy per capita (population—estimated—16,600). thirty…

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