Issue 18 and Volume 23.

RULES OF SYRACUSE, N. Y., WATER DEPARTMENT. [Continued.] PAYMENTS BY CONSUMERS (Continued). 14. One service to two or more buildings.—In cases where two or more adjoining premises, having the same owner, are furnished with water from a single service pipe connected with street main and controled by one curb-cock—there being no device under the exclusive device of the department, whereby either of said premises may be shut off without shutting off others—the whole amount due upon all of said premises shall be charged to the owner thereof; and, in case of adjoining premises furnished as above described and having separate owners, the whole charge may be made to the owner in front of, or upon whose premises is located the curb-cock, controling the service, or the said owner sh 11 be required, at his own expense, to cut off the branch pipe or pipes thiough which water is furnished to…

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